Sunday, November 10, 2013

I found my dining room again...for awhile

I discovered scrapbooking again earlier this year, and it literally took over the dining room and kitchen!  Life has been all about vintage, roosters, pretty papers and the "right" and necessary tools. My new "craft room" has been gradually leaching into the other rooms and now requires its own domain (aka the Rec Room) but it keeps crawling back into the dining room. What the heck??!

We had a new patio door installed this week, which meant (you guessed it) banishing said-stuff from the dining table to the rec room again.  It looked strangely bare....for the day.  Lol. But true to form, it is sneaking back. Don't know how it does it, but it happens. And then one finds ink on the fingers and you realize that it's happened again. Of course, it had nothing to do with the box of scrappiness that came in the mail from Joann's that I just HAD to check

I confess..... I am a mini-scrapbook-aholic. I am a You Tube and Pinterest junkie and can't get enough of the beauty that one can create from paper, glue and tape.......LOTS of tape. I never imagined that I could go from 2 boxes of scrapbook supplies to an entire room full, but it has happened. But creating these things is nothing short of amazing. Thanks to those amazing ladies and gents like mysistersscrapper, Kathy Orta, Laura Dennison, Tim Holtz, and countless others that share the how-to's of such beautiful creations. I am in awe and the artist in me is so happy to include that much more  beauty in my surroundings.

Well, off to find some breakfast and then ink up again :). Happy scrapping to all my buds!  See you again soon ;)


  1. So glad to see you on with your own blog.. going to have fun.. take care

  2. Thank you so much! ;) There is nothing better than crafting with friends and sharing the fun.

  3. You are one talented lady. Looking forward to checking out you new blog. Congratulations. Also love our tag nights.

  4. please make that "your" new blog.